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Read more about the four sets of the 2020 Child Online Protection (COP) Guidelines, find relevant additional information targeting children, parents and educators, industry and policy-makers and browse through further resources.  

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About COP


​The explosion of information and communication technologies (ICTs) has created unprecedented opportunities for children and young people to communicate, socialize, share, learn, access information and express their opinions on matters that affect their lives and their communities, while at the same time posing significant challenges to children’s safety.  

In a world where the Internet permeates almost every aspect of life, keeping young users safe online has emerged as an increasingly urgent issue.   

ITU developed its very first set of COP Guidelines in 2009. Since then, the Internet has evolved beyond all recognition. While it has become an infinitely richer resource for children to play and learn, today’s children face many risks online.   

The ITU Guidelines on Child Online Protection are a comprehensive set of recommendations for all relevant stakeholders on how to contribute to the development of a safe and empowering online environment for children and young people.  

While the Internet has become an infinitely richer resource for children to play and learn



it has also become a much more dangerous place for them to venture unaccompanied.

COP Guidelines for policy-makers

Aiming at raising awareness on the scope of child online protection, while providing resources and actual tools that support children and their families in the development of digital skills and digital literacy and that additionally support industry and government stakeholders in the development of corporate and national child online protection policies & strategies.    

In an age where more and more young people are coming online, the updated COP Guidelines are more vital than ever. Since families, including children, the private sector as well as government stakeholders - all play a crucial role in children’s online safety, the ITU COP Guidelines are dedicated to each of these key players.    

Targeting children, parents and educators, industry and policy-makers, the COP Guidelines are meant to act as a blueprint, which can be adapted and used in a way that is consistent with national or local customs and laws.    

As the nature and impact of ICTs is borderless, promoting online safety requires global efforts, through collaboration from all stakeholders at the local, national, regional and international level.


About Sango,

the COP mascot

Sango was created by an energetic group of children to support children online for a safe and positive digital experience!




The  Guidelines on Child Online Protection  have  been  co-authored by  the  International Telecommunication  Union (ITU) and a  working  group  of contributing authors from  leading  institutions  active in  the  sector  of  information and communication technologies (ICT)  as  well  as  in  child  (online)  protection and rights.  

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